An episodic point-and-click adventure game about Fiona, one woman on a mission to get ahead at work.

Play Episode 1: "A Whole Latte Love" today on macOS, Windows, and Linux (beta) for FREE.

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The joys that await you include:

  • Procuring a beverage for your hashtag-obsessed boss! #oats4lyfe
  • Exploring the mysteries of a future historic landmark building that is somehow ADA but not fire-code compliant!
  • Finding out why the local taco salesman left his former job in the razor industry!
  • Uncovering the depth of the elevator operator's unrequited love for your boss!

Landlubbers is a point-and-click adventure game by Taco Eslepo Studios.

Katie Brookoff
Vice President of Art and Bagel Consumption

Vikram Oberoi
Vice President of Programming and Indoor Gardening

The reviews are in and players are LOVING Landlubbers!

"So so awesome." - Vikram's brother

"Chortled the whole way through." - Vikram's friend

"So fun and funny!" - Another one of Vikram's friends

"I don't know how to play video games." - Katie


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